Take on Heroic Adventures in
Parallel Universe V417
⛵️ Learn Skills
☀️ Build Character
🚀 Advance Humanity
V417 is our Twin Universe
☄️ Their Earthian Civilization was obliterated by Space Pirates
🙉 And all Earthians in exile have their consciousness taken away
Save V417 Earthians with
🛳 An Adventure is
🧶 A Story woven into
🪜 A quest-by-quest Project
Every Adventure is
A Token of Civilization &
A Pathway to Consciousness
🔨 You can build one as a creator
🏄 Or experience one as an adventurer
Download V417
As an Adventurer
📱 Available on iOS
🤖 And Android
Download V417Studio
As a Creator
💻 Available on Mac
🪟 And Windows
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