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When you colonise Mars,
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Astrasum was founded and built on three principles:

  1. In modern society, we acquire knowledge in school and apply knowledge in the workforce. In either places, our learning behaviour is twisted and our potential suffocated.
  2. We can achieve unimaginable things with first principles thinking, by breaking something big and complex down into small and manageable elements.
  3. We can therefore take on our greatest ambitions through doing by learning and learning by doing, step by step.

Starting with your ambition—let it be building a unicorn company as a solo founder or landing a job at Tesla as an engineer without a college degree—you’ll do learning-based projects that merge implementing and learning. For example, as you’re implementing Step 1, you’re also learning and only learning how to do it or how to do it better.

On Astrasum, you’ll find ambitious and like-minded warriors; you’ll find projects provided by experts, HRs, and doers like you who have walked the path; you’ll find a massive reservoir of free learning content; and you’ll find a path to achieve your ambition with fast and meaningful progress.

Meaning, like Elon Musk, you can achieve the craziest thing with zero prior experience or knowledge.

As you acquire and apply a variety of skills that serve your ambition through trials and errors with learning-based projects, Astrasum directly connects you with thousands of companies and helps you land your dream jobs. Or, you can also turn one of your projects into a real company and get exclusive access to VCs as you find your first paying customers.

Everything is built and ready for you. Just get started!

How it works
Declare Your Ambition
Start a tech company and take it to IPO? Land a job at Tesla as a software engineer? Colonise Mars? Click to see more
Break it down into Projects
Take starting a company, you need to build a product, sell it to customers, and possibly raise fund. Click to see more
Take Action While Learning
It doesn't matter if you never did it before. With learning-based projects, you take on each element of your ambition through trials and errors. Click to see more
Make an Impact
Before you know it, you've achieved what you never thought possible through Astrasum. Just get started with one of the ambitions below!
Ambition Packages
Build a tech company
Ranging from building a product to marketing to the right audience to fundraising, building a company takes a versatile suite of skills and a high degree of grit and tenacity. This is an ambition package that provides you a gateway to building a software company.

Become an influencer with millions of followers
Through a meticulous game plan to build my personal brand, I want to become an influencer that attracts millions of followers.